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soviet panda

this ain't no party; this ain't no disco

saturday, january 11
mmf i haven't been linking a lot of the stuff i've been checking out...
this Interpol interview is really fantastic, especially if you make music. it answer a lot of questions (at least that i had) about how they work as a band and write music
500 stolen Beatles tapes were just found by the po-lice..
that's it for now
posted by peter . 5:48 PM

wednesday, january 8
if you couldn't tell from our last posts, WE LOVE INTERPOL. even on Letterman. especially on Letterman
we missed the instrumental break. but liked how Eric (keyboards) [who i've seen in ONE, ONE photo (from rolling stone nonetheless)] dressed up too.
and definitely loved how Sam could play that beat in a full suit. a goal for everyone, i believe

music: The Clash - "London Calling"

posted by peter . 11:52 PM

i'm getting desperate here. for more than one reason
Interpol added a show at the Empty Bottle this Monday, after their Metro show this Sunday. Empty Bottle is not just 18+, it's a bar, so it's 21+. again, they are coming to play 2 shows at different venues, and again, i am missing both. this is awful. Pitchfork posted a feature on the 2nd Bowery show and said it was - of course - amazing. Interpol is over half of what I've been listening to lately
posted by peter . 5:40 PM

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