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Enon - High Society
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soviet panda

this ain't no party; this ain't no disco

thursday, december 12
the Soviet Panda is taking a sort of break... from the internet in general.. or rather from procrastination. due to crappy time management skills and a general lack of cool stuff, updating will be a bit lighter. but still check back.. and expect some stuff after this weekend hopefully.

because I've got fresh copies of When I Was Cruel and the Streets, the latest issue of NME with a free White Stripes button, new sneakers, a Ramadan Rick performance [me playing bass] on Monday, some pent up agression, a desire for Camden Joy's Lost Joy, a digital camera, and you just KNOW it's gonna be off da hook

posted by peter . 8:36 PM

tuesday, december 10
Ryan Adams on letterman
dressed nice, lame bass player
second verse, letting go of his guitar, feedback emerging, he looked down while singing and grabbed the whammy bar, and in that manipulation of a mistake I realized that it was a really good performance

Counting Crows on Leno... THE most ridiculous hand gestures i have EVER seen. i can't stand that band

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monday, december 9
damnit if anyone at all knows about setting up frames on a webpage, please let me know
posted by peter . 3:36 PM

holy crap... Pitchfork Liars interview:
Aaron: If you said that honestly, everyone would do it, and everyone should do it-- it's not this sacred thing, you know? It's like if you took out the guitar player in Guns N' Roses and put in some 16-year-old kid who didn't know how to play that, it would probably be like eight times better. Some people talk about how you have to have talent-- you don't have to have talent at all. It's totally contrary to that.

Angus: It's just about doing it. Getting up and doing it. That's what we try and do, just get over feeling like we're any better than them, and that it's not really a gift. It's just about having the balls to get up and do it.
check the pics from the Fireside..
shit dude, Ryan Schreiber was freaking right there

posted by peter . 10:38 AM

sunday, december 8
just one of them days...

my lists are coming...

this one's for Audrey... not really too Interpol, is it?

posted by peter . 2:32 AM

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