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Catch Dubs
Coax Me
The Modern Age
Pitchfork Media
The Strokes (for tour diary)

heavy rotation
Liars - Fins to Make Us More Fish-Like
the Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Machine
Spoon - Kill the Moonlight
Interpol - Turn Off the Bright Lights
the Walkmen - Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me is Gone

The Rules of Attraction - Bret Easton Ellis
Prisoner's Dilemma - Richard Powers

North by Northwest - Alfred Hitchcock
Punch Drunk Love - P.T. Anderson

Halloween 2002
Sigur Ros 11.10.02

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soviet panda

this ain't no party; this ain't no disco

thursday, november 21

How do you pass time on the road?
Chase: One night, a bunch of us were in the back playing Tony Hawk and listening to the Smiths, and [Liars singer] Angus [Andrew] said, "You know what? The only thing that separates us from Blink-182 right now is the fact that we're listening to the Smiths." [more...]
link from Laura
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wednesday, november 20


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tuesday, november 19
Watch this. Link from the incredibly beautiful, witty, and talented Laura. You have nooo idea how good this is. It takes forever to load, but it is more than worth it. It also completely eliminates any need for the hilarious-dance-rock antics of the HeeBGBs.

a history of Jacko and his wonderful visage
what i want for chirstmas

i couldnt post yesterday cause my computer sucked
I would've said three things:

3 things:

I fell in love with Emergency & I Sunday.
Keeping in line with my usual luck with concerts, the Dismemberment Plan is playing Metro on Thursday with the French Kicks. 4 DAYS AFTER I FIND OUT ABOUT THEM.
and it's 18+

you should all be going COMPLETELY APE SHIT over the top 100 of the 80s over at Pitchfork

Laura linked to this fantastic site with pics from all these chi-town concerts, many of which i have seen / missed. I got my YYYs/Liars/Prosaics/guy pictures back. all 6. they're decent, for my second concert photography outing with a disposable camera with 6 pictures. i'll scan em and post em eventually

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sunday, november 17

found Fins to Make Us More Fish-Like, Liars EP. fantastic
i had thought that this was the more experimental one, from Pitchfork, but we put it on in the car... and it's still funky as all hell.
"Pillars Were Hollow and Filled With Candy, So We Knocked Them Down" is the insane freak out that Liars opened with at the fireside... the best part is that it doesnt even need a typical insane bass line to rock so hard. worth it for the song alone
"Every Day Is a Child with Teeth" is just kind of weird. cool ideas, but doesnt go much anyplace. it's ok tho, we still love you
the new recording of "Grown Men Don't Fall in the River, Just Like That" is, contrary to what the Pitchfork review says, is at first more muffled and softer than the original version. but it is a ton more intense... the chanting is harmonized, the bass rocks harder, Angus loses it more violently, and the opening "can you hear us" is much more ominous and involves the whole band, just like the whole audience chanting along with Angus without a mic at the show.

also... played bass with Ramadan Rick this afternoon. rock. I like bassing

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