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Pitchfork Media
The Strokes (for tour diary)

heavy rotation
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Machine
Spoon - Kill the Moonlight
Interpol - Turn Off the Bright Lights
Daft Punk - Discovery
The Rules of Attraction - Bret Easton Ellis
The Fader Magazine
Prisoner's Dilemma - Richard Powers

Psycho - Alfred Hitchcock
Monty Python and the Holy Grail

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soviet panda

this ain't no party; this ain't no disco

saturday, november 9

I bought my first single tonite [single, not EP]. yep, YYYs "Machine."
It's ludicrously short for three songs.
But it's worth it.
"Machine" starts with Karen O's faded, disconnected rant, followed by 4 bursts of YYY noise which immediately click into the rock-ass dance guitar and drums riff that made me thing "HOLY FUCKING SHIT" at the concert. when it gets grooving, it really freaking gets grooving.
"Graveyard," the live track, is a retarded blues rock workout that only these beautiful, dirty dirty people could do
the "Pin" remix is the song I heard on the radio Wed.
the band has talked about doing a remix project before, and they only like remixes that are very different. this fufills that request. nothing like the orignal song, almost.

Fader YYY remix article, my own pic

really, this EP/single type thing should've been "Rich," "Pin," and "Tick." But I still like it.

ANOTHER [but fun] jazz band concert at the hyatt
played more GTA Vice City. getting better.
went to karaoke at Ben and Jerry's. weak.
Walker Bros. for choc.chip pancakes
Borders for NME [GREAT COVER W/ THE STRIPES] and my fantastic search for "Machine"
Zack's for Monty Python and the Holy Grail ["It is a silly place"]
this week went by really really surprisingly fast

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thursday, november 7
Jazz band and Wind Ensemble concert went well. pics later.

QotSA "No One Knows" on MTV right now. ROCK. cool video, very cool band
I want that kind of guitar. i dont know what it is. Interpol has it, Josh Homme has it, Sahara Hotnights have it. nah, i'm probably making it up. I know Paul Banks has it, and I want it

speaking of QotSA, Josh Homme is on the new UNKLE album
..and new Grandaddy album
and shit, "Someday" just came on. i've got good luck. Albert is so well dressed it's not even funny

Now Gideon Yago. I swear to god, this sub I saw at school today WAS Gideon Yago

and jeez, now the Vines' "Outtathaway." shitty video cause of the shitty crowd. but worth it to see Craig thrash around like that, fo sho
note: the bassist does not actually sing back up, but he is wearing the mandatory Vines track jacket instead of Craig

Sigur Ros this Sunday, if all works out well. rawk

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the songs that give you that special feeling, the goosebumps every time, that are a part of your system. off the top of my head, for right NOW. in no order

Sonic Youth "Teenage Riot"
Radiohead "Planet Telex"
the Hives "Hate to Say I Told You So"
the Verve "Bittersweet Symphony"
the Beatles - "Dear Prudence"
Interpol - "PDA"
the White Stripes "Hotel Yorba"
Clinic "The Second Line"
the Strokes "NYC Cops"
the Pixies "Debaser"
Grandaddy "The Crystal Lake"
BRMC - "Rifles"
the Smashing Pumpkins "Jellybelly"
Talking Heads "Cities"
Radiohead "How to Disappear Completely"
Joy Division "Transmission"
...And you will know us by the Trail of Dead "Relative Ways"
Jimi Hendrix "Manic Depression"
the Dandy Warhols "Bohemian Like You"
the Vines "Get Free"

what are yours?

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wednesday, november 6
in a really scary coincidence, I caught YYY's "Pin (remix)" on the radio today

orchestra concert sucked tonite, strings don't grasp the concept of intonation

nothing makes me feel cooler than listening to Daft Punk's Discovery ("Aerodynamic" and especially "Voyager"), driving in the maxima, wearing a fucking tuxedo

I'm missing Spoon on Conan. fuck it

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monday, november 4
ok, I've seen Justin Timberlake's new album listed in the "listening" section of one too many blogs today

i got jeans and a t-shirt stickers in the mail today. hand addressed envelope, no less. i'm telling you, that brad barrish character is one dope mofo. you hateaz should all be visitin the links section more often. and the visiting that you see to your left there is good stuff, it's the stuff i check everyday.

anyone venture to guess what sticker is on nick zinner's guitar? i do not know.

and i'm lookin for some blog love. if you link to me, i'll link to you baby.

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sunday, november 3
if you couldnt tell, it's becoming an obession

link from el laura
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um, because i wanted to test both my ftp program and saving things as html in word, here is my
White Stripes concert review/english narrative
it's not polished
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let's all help out Caitlin dudez
a zine about how you hate your job
we know you all feel the same, so contribute mofos

"punishment! in higher places! punishment! in higher places!"

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i have no idea what this means
Which NME 'Top 50 Musician' Would You Pick A Fight With?
Which NME 'Top 50 Cool List' Musician would you pick a fight with?

I saw Jackass tonite. Best movie ever.
tho we sat in the second row... ugh
Strangely enough, I also played Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for the first time as well . Nice... but I felt that it lacked the charm of the original.
and no bazooka

also bought Spoon's Kill the Moonlight. i downloaded a lot of it today, and it was at best buy, so i took it as a sign. great record. fit my mood wonderfully
tho the new Sigur Ros packaging is so dope that'll I'll have to buy it eventually

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