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soviet panda

this ain't no party; this ain't no disco

thursday, october 31

I love Halloween, even if I don't go trick or treating
I also love Interpol, and I especially love having a digital camera

Halloween 2002 Pics

posted by peter . 11:21 PM

tuesday, october 29
dude, go to The Strokes website, click on the tour news, and you can watch someone throw something at Fab. and they listen to fucking Coldplay in the background. panzies.
posted by peter . 10:45 PM

go and watch Howlin' Pelle totally rip on the interviewer at the q awards.
Q: Where is the rest of the band?
P: They're at home... working on the plan.
Q: What is the plan?
P: You will know when the time comes.

[hear Ed O'Brien talk about how, by a longshot, his favorite record this year is The Streets. and how he likes the Hives]

Stereo Total's Musique Automatique gets rereleased on KRS. Maybe I'll actually be able to buy it / download it now

posted by peter . 4:51 PM

sunday, october 27
for all you kids who ain't on top o the downloadin game:

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Rich"

maybe a new site thing... songs and such..
posted by peter . 7:14 PM

jeez. so I know I raved about seeing the White Stripes.

but this evening I saw some guy named Guy, the Prosaics, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and the Liars, all 15 feet in front of me in an old bowling alley. best show ever. you have no idea. i am so happy

i will write up details [unlike the Strokes concert] and scan pictures depending on how they come out
to give you some idea of how good it was... well you'd really have to be there
but the Liars' bassist put a hole in the ceiling at the end

now for 9 hours of marching band tomorrow...

posted by peter . 12:38 AM

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