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The Modern Age
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The Strokes (for tour diary)

heavy rotation
The Walkmen - Everyone who pretended to like me is gone
The Strokes - Is This It
Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf
Liars - They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs - The Yeah Yeah Yeahs EP
Ryan Adams

Arcadia - Thomas Stoppard
Hamlet - Shakespeare
The New York Times Magazine
The Rules of Attraction - Bret Easton Ellis
The Fader Magazine

SNL: Weekend Update
L.A. Confidential

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soviet panda

this ain't no party; this ain't no disco

wednesday, october 23
those 3 little letters that make it all worth while:


give the New York Times your email address and read the article. you'll be better for it
and understand me the slightest bit more
link via ME, bitches

these from Laura:
Happy Thom Yorke. It's one of those "laugh out loud" dealies, at least if youre a radiohead fan. like me.
J-Lo has a professional or some shitnipple tweaker

posted by peter . 4:52 PM

monday, october 21

we got a digital camera
look how happy i am
posted by peter . 10:58 PM

ok, these are too good not to post.
Living it up every night WITHOUT A JOB.
inter view with an Interpol. very real, down to earth... and well dressed
from Laura

and just to clear this up, at the end of Hamlet, they're fencing. that means NOT JOUSTING

posted by peter . 3:42 PM

sunday, october 20
Um, I'm reading the Vanity Fair music issue. My mom got it cause Elvis Costello wrote an article for it. It's entirely music and glossy photos and ads, and has the Hives.

Um, they used the word "titular" to describe a woman.

Word of the day: "YoGramma is a ho"
Listening to: Spoon and Joy Division

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I <3 WS

SNL: Um the guitar sound for "Dead Leaves" was godlike. Thanks to Laura for the audio
"i think we're going to be friends" kinda creeped me out. but it was made up for the fact that during the credits, Jack - not quite knowing what to do - picked a cast member and began waltzing.

Then Jimmy Fallon saw and started dancing too. Jack stopped. It took Jimmy a minute to realize, and then he stopped too.

posted by peter . 12:52 AM

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