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heavy rotation
The Walkmen - Everyone who pretended to like me is gone
The Strokes - Is This It
Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf
Liars - They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs - The Yeah Yeah Yeahs EP
Ryan Adams

Arcadia - Thomas Stoppard
Hamlet - Shakespeare
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The Rules of Attraction - Bret Easton Ellis
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soviet panda

this ain't no party; this ain't no disco

saturday, october 12
The Gap is gonna need to go home, drink some tea, and get into some long-term therapy, because I just finished raping it. BOO YA
posted by peter . 5:25 PM
setlist [brackets mean not sure of order]:
1 NYC Cops
2 Ze Newie
3 the Modern Age
4 Someday
5 Hard to Explain
6 Is This It
[7 Meet Me in the Bathroom
8 You Talk Way Too Much
9 Last Nite
10 The Way It Is
11 Soma
12 Trying your Luck]
13 Barely Legal
14 I Can't Win
15 Take It Or Leave It

Har Mar Superstar is one guy, and he's like Sir Mix-a-Lot if he was white, fat, dirty, long-haired and balding, used much more expicit innuendo, and performed only with a drum machine, and stripped down to his briefs.
You Am I was ok... kind of like pop-power-punk, but with more blues and jagged parts and some ethereal stuff. And kinda boring, and from New Zealand. But they had a limber lead guitarist. Man.
I was really tired from standing and shit and it took forever for the Strokes to come on. When they did... I forgot everything else. It was unbelievable. Everyone was jumping, screamed for all the guitar solos and breaks, singing all the words.
They played all the new songs, and added a break to "Meet Me in the Bathroom." Right after the first guitar break, the whole band stopped for a bar. It was sooo good. and all the songs were upbeat, no dragging. I heard "You Talk Way Too Much" for the first time. Julian sounded like a lounge singer. fantastic
and they played "I can't win." it didn't sound as varied as the live version from Harvard, but it was great none the less. the new album will be amazing
the whole band was really loose. instead of Julian being angry, it felt like everyone was there to have a kick ass time after a hard week. of course a hard week for the strokes is playing the same 15 songs every night... but it still felt really great.
that's just to get my thoughts out. pictures in a few days hopefully

posted by peter . 12:03 AM

friday, october 11
About 15 months ago I heard them on my computer.
About 12 months ago I missed them at the Metro.
About 5 months ago I glimpsed them at the worst venue in Illinois.
Today I witness, in person, the rock n roll extravaganza that is the



posted by peter . 4:12 PM

thursday, october 10
posted by peter . 5:01 PM

wednesday, october 9
instead of going to the MOONEY SUZUKI show that woulda RAWKED THE FRIGGIN HAUS, I went to support Zack as he emceed (sp?) the open mic thing at school tonite. Zack played some nice stuff, including a cool new song. We ended up playing "Fear of Disco" because no one was volunteering, and we had less than perfect results due to it being acoustic, me not used to that guitar, and Zack not being able to hear me. But I got everyone to stand up and dance. Really.

I was this close to freestylin' rhymin' with Ronni doin the beats, but I'll wait for next time.

We finished Chinatown in Film today. what a good frickin movie, lemme tell ya

oh, and I really want to see The Rules of Attraction. I don't care if it looks dumb. I watched the trailer at 7 this morning. Looks dope, yo. More so than anything else comin out, 'sides Bowling for Columbine.

No more Strokes updates for today, friend. 'cept good ol' Matty has been checkin the site, which really doesn't have anything to do with the Strokes. But you know, he brought em up in chem today. so there ya go

posted by peter . 10:11 PM

I guess I'm not seeing the goddamn Mooney Suzuki with Sahara Hotnights tonite cause no one will go with me. "It's a school night" is not a fair excuse to miss this much goddamn ROCK, muthatruckaz.

I have to find a trucker hat before any more kids at school get them. I was on this before they were!

Laura posted all these articles, which you really should read. I mean should. In order of importance:
DFA Records
Sahara Hotnights

posted by peter . 4:32 PM


Which White Stripes Song Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla
posted by peter . 4:28 PM

tuesday, october 8
Joy Division - "Twenty Four Hours"

I can't get into Hidden Pleaures, but every Joy Division song I have that isn't on that album gets into my system and soul

posted by peter . 9:38 PM

Strokes dream #3: They play "I Can't Win." Simple enough, eh?

Comments rule. Comment away, everybody. Except for family members.
Thanks Rebecca.

I wrote about the White Stripes show this summer for English. I plan on posting some writings eventually.

Laura is probably going to CMJ. With a freaking band, in their van. She rocks yo.

Everybody wish Steph and her dad a hearty get well. Feel better Steph and family!

posted by peter . 9:06 PM

monday, october 7
In honor of the Strokes concert this Friday at the Aragon, this week is dedicated to Strokes' obsession. Let's call it the Strokes Week of Off the Hookness. Thank you very much.

To get things started, I would like to thank Laura and Laura for getting me a copy of the new new song "I Can't Win." Dem ladies have connections, and lemme tell ya, this shit is OFF THE HOOK. It's totally from the 80s, I would even venture some Joy Division/New Order guitars and drums, and a crazy hazy harmonized chorus. Best new song yet, by far; way to take it to the next level.

Next, I would like to introduce a series of "Peter's Strokes' Concert Dreams" that I will be posting in the coming days.
Strokes dream #1: Peter gets invited backstage cause of his nifty threads. Simple.
Strokes dream #2: Oh no! Fab is injured! They need someone who knows all the drum parts by heart! But who..? Peter, get your skinny white ass over here!

posted by peter . 8:26 PM

sunday, october 6
at the parade

at the game
where's Peter?

thanks Sam's dad
posted by peter . 8:13 PM

oy, homecoming is over
it was alternately fun and tiring

and "Dear Prudence" by the Beatles might be my favorite song ever

Steph and me after the pep rally
we are badass

at the dance
where's Peter?

thanks Rebecca

posted by peter . 7:49 PM

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