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soviet panda

this ain't no party; this ain't no disco

saturday, october 5
after the pep rally...

we all hung out at lizzie's. it was cool because we were all wearing all black, and she had black couches and white walls.

now: exploring Joy Division, reading this absolutely marvelous Strokes article, feeling sorry for myself and not exactly looking forward to homecoming

posted by peter . 1:08 AM

thursday, october 3
Today at school I complained a lot about the black shoes I wore. Today was class color day, and seniors are black [it's intimidating cause there are like no black students at are school], so I wore my black shoes. They cut into my ankles all day.

Later this afternoon I realized there were blood stains on the back of my socks.

And I have to march at least 3 miles total in the next 2 days for marching band.

This is the kind of week I have been having

posted by peter . 4:56 PM

tuesday, october 1
Wow. The saddest thing ever. Rolling Stone top 100 albums. from the readers, nonetheless.

the fact that weezer's maladroit is higher than Beck's odelay, let alone on the list at all... a madonna greatest hits. a system of a down cd. Kind of Blue with "the heavenly 'So What'. madonna's "music." U2 "zooropa." Californication higher than led zeppelin II. 29 madonna "ray of light! [i'd like to let RS know that NOTHING ever brought electronica to the masses! especially not that album]" U2 ALL THAT YOU CANT LEAVE BEHIND 15!!?!? and kids, "Nevermind" was not entirely new and original, nor "pure and innocent". especially if in the freaking info on "Doolittle" you say the Pixies deserve credit becaues they influenced nirvana to no end. no sense this list makes.

glad to see my main man JB at 40 with 'grace'
Kid A at 26, the Bends 17, OK computer 8,
Blue album at 21 [ugh with the green album], Pinkerton 16? surprise

umm.. no comment about the Strokes being on it.

posted by peter . 6:11 PM

So Christina Aguilera's new song with Redman "Dirty" is just Redman's "Let's Get Dirty" with a female singer... and since that redman track is ULTRA FRIGGIN BANGIN so is this one

it's really funny. on making the video, she says she was sooo sick of her old self, straight hair everynight, and now all her friends know that she can finally "be herself" on camera.
which means the real Christian enjoys doing her hair like Shakira, wearing less clothes than Shakira, and dancing with 5 scantily clad women in the shower.

posted by peter . 5:29 PM

ok... so apparently nissan is holding all these free concerts in weird places, like that white stripes one yesterday... but it's weird, cause all the other bands doing it have sucked... so pray that they do one in chicago and pray harder that it's a good band
posted by peter . 4:51 PM

monday, september 30
i'm sooo psyched for 80s day tomorrow, i got the skinny tie and aviator sunglasses

the White Stripes play a FREE SHOW tomorrow at noon in Union Square. NYC here I come

i really want a car. driving to school rocks

posted by peter . 9:16 PM

sunday, september 29

ROBERT: has appeared in misc films; lead vocals & guitar for ROONEY

Which ROONEY guy are you? Quiz @ Senseless.

Quiz by Alma

oh, and the Beatles are really friggin cool, even in "A Hard Day's Night." the suit thing was cool back then. but that movie is more messed up than Yellow Sumbarine, I swear

posted by peter . 1:32 AM

weird things have been going on. I like a Coldplay song, I like a "punk pop" band [Ash], I heard this Eminem song on the radio that was amazing, I saw this new U2 video and I really like the song ["Electrical Storm"], and over all this my song obsession for the day is Ryan Adam's "New York, New York." I learned it on guitar and printed out the words.
But really, I haven't changed my opinion on Bono. He sucks. I don't remember anyone who is known for wearing Gucci sunglasses to represent my country in foreign affairs.
And this goddamn show the Wrap has been on MTV 4 times today; the same one.

Why is the TCM horror movie marathon on Thursdays? I want to see one now.

So usually I mess my hair up on purpose so it looks all cool and stuff, but after today my hair is actually too short to mess up, even tho I'm not bald. So I think I'm gonna start wearing hats. I NEVER wear hats, except for one winter hat, which I couldn't find today, so I put on a regular hat. O course, I wear it all up and slanted to the left, so it makes up for my non messed up hair.
The hat is a Fordham University hat. Good old FU.

posted by peter . 1:06 AM

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