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soviet panda

this ain't no party; this ain't no disco

saturday, september 28
i might have to buy a gameboy advance just so i can play YOSHI'S ISLAND, the BEST VIDEO GAME EVER, wherever and whenever I want
posted by peter . 3:23 PM

Don't watch the MTV show The Wrap. because it's not good.
a new show... "the definitive". this one is all animated vidoes. dire straits. less boring than something else i guess.
posted by peter . 2:31 PM

ffff ok. I like a Coldplay song. "Politik." Nice name, and it just sounds... nice. Simple, drilling repetitive chords. Nice
posted by peter . 2:22 PM

ok. ok people. this is getting absolutely ridiculous.
The advertisement for the new show that used Interpol's "Untitled" was bad enough.
The ad for the new "Rock and Roll" fragrance from Calvin Klein... Icould tell right away what the commercial was for; I almost puked.
But the Mooney Suzuki, for a commercial about Nike Baseball? WHAT THE FUCK?! They were played during it and wrtten on a marquee... what the hell is going on!?!?

My greatest fear is that in 10 years, someone will look back on the Strokes in the same way I look back on Poison.

posted by peter . 1:26 AM

friday, september 27
"Walkie Talkie" = DJ SHADOW FARTING
posted by peter . 5:20 PM

...and the HeeBGBs didn't make STUNTs
neither did Ramadan Rick
posted by peter . 4:43 PM

Gang of Four

oh, and my article got published in the school paper. woo!

posted by peter . 4:37 PM

thursday, september 26
"The Rolling Stones, who have defined rock 'n' roll as much as any group for more than 35 years, insist, almost defiantly, that their creative vitality and, yes, their health are thriving."
yeah, right.

links from Thrown Askew:
Interpol celebrity spins
Interpol's post-punk makeover

ok, really now, this is ridiculous. i can kind of see how the strokes could open for the rolling stones. but the white stripes? aren't they above that? don't they know better than to support such a blatantly commercial-driven rock act 20 years or more past its prime!?

get over yourself, axl. nobody cares.

posted by peter . 4:26 PM

monday, september 23
grrrreat. Enon is coming to Chi-town, and I've been waiting a while [i couldnt even find their website, it's a goddamn .tv]. they're coming on homecoming, and i asked julie. whoop de shit

in other news, i actually laughed outloud reading this:
Wilco's Jay Bennett Plans Ltd Ed LP, Tour
(Low-budget documentary "No, I'm Trying To Break YOUR Heart, Motherfucker" to debut on Chicago public access in November)

posted by peter . 4:39 PM

sunday, september 22
Thank god for Adult Swim. Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law is the most random show. ever. he defends booboo [from yogi] in court, cause he's the 'booboobomber,' and ends up sleeping with him. really.
and the fatty scene in sealab2021. i died laughing
Brad at jeans and a t-shirt responded to my comment over there. nice guys they are
posted by peter . 11:51 PM

A very nice Interpol live review. thanks.

these aren't my pics
posted by peter . 9:47 PM

MC5... the movie.
posted by peter . 4:36 PM

ok. ok. i admit it. i like ash
and the song used in the video 'burn baby burn' definitely has an extra, very cool break that my downloaded version does not have
i gotta work on that
posted by peter . 1:10 PM

from the modern age..
why i want to be a model. this kid is in high school and he's meeting calvin klein

and i meant to link this a while ago
so you wanna be a model

first day of sunday school [aiding kindergarten] today. 4 kids. wooo! there was a kid there, i SWEAR, who looked exactly like Julie's mom

posted by peter . 12:58 PM

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