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Enon - High Society
Hot Hot Heat - Make Up the Breakdown
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soviet panda

this ain't no party; this ain't no disco

friday, december 20
people have found my site by searching for:
lady guitar straps
going to but i dont know why
"panda" +ep -fierce [which must mean they want a musical panda that isn't fierce panda. i dont know why]
"searching for pictures for grand theft vice city"
nipple tweaker
beyond ravinia
yeah yeah yeahs guitar
winter hat christian aguilera [maybe if i stop typing about all the people that have found by site because of xtina, it would stop happening]
aguilera nipple
two people for "les savy fav je t'aime lyrics"
Gideon Yago
christian joy yeah yeah yeahs [???]
posted by peter . 4:31 PM

thursday, december 19
winter break is one long, long, long day away. look for a site overhaul very soon, with special thanks to allergic2love. ...probably

i caught only some of last nite's Radiohead webcast. the part i saw was when they dressed up like Saddam and Bush and smoked and hung out, and then Thom DJing while shots of traffic with random phrases over it were showed. When the servers got too full I figured that was all it would be... of course I missed interviews with the band, Colin's DJ set, and A PERFORMANCE OF THREE NEW SONGS. so you know... whatever.

current music: McLusky - "To Hell with Good Intentions"

today in the library, Keleigh was really tired, so she lied/laid down on the floor. when the librarian came over and told her to get up, matt went right down on the ground too, followed by Charlie and then me. when the librarian just walked away, i got up and yelled, "They can never keep us down!
...I mean..
they can never get us up!"

posted by peter . 7:37 PM

monday, december 16
i've got some stuff to say... but for now...
go to and type in a url. like mine. hi-larious
"n' shit. ..And Yo' ass Will Know Us By da Trail of Dead "
posted by peter . 4:39 PM

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