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Nobody Knows Anyone Anymore soviet panda


Catch Dubs
Coax Me
The Modern Age
Pitchfork Media
The Strokes (for tour diary)

heavy rotation
Liars - Fins to Make Us More Fish-Like
the Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Machine
Spoon - Kill the Moonlight
Interpol - Turn Off the Bright Lights
the Walkmen - Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me is Gone


Rear Window - Alfred Hitchcock
Annie Hall - Woody Allen

Halloween 2002
Sigur Ros 11.10.02

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soviet panda

this ain't no party; this ain't no disco

friday, december 6
begining to 'learn' my digital camera

also check out some nice NYC winter pics [i hear the snow is hitting every other place in the world real hard] at CatchDubs

and, most importantly, the review of the new PAUL LANSKY album [8.0!] Alphabet Book at PItchfork
we ALL know Paul Lansky as an established pioneer in the field of computer music and other avant-garde stuff. or you at least know him because Radiohead sampled Lansky's "Mild Und Leise," a seventeen minute long computer composed piece from the 70s, in "Idioteque," after Jonny Greenwood found the compilation record it was released on in some random record store in Europe. cool guy.. he actually checked out the Soviet Panda in its previous incarnation at geocities..

posted by peter . 11:58 PM

wednesday, december 4

which one's me and which one's Mr Brame?
i am such a dork
thanks Julie
[every pic she takes of me is SO embarassing]
posted by peter . 9:36 PM

I saw mommy burying Santa Claus...
sorry i dont even know how that song goes
posted by peter . 9:09 PM

I'm having a ton of trouble putting together this top 10 of 2002 list... I've got 8 lined up here in front of me. i cant find anymore from 2002, to be honest. i dont have time or money just to listen to stuff from 2002! sure, the single list will be a snap.. but can anyone burn me blackalicious, beck, hot hot heat, the streets, missy elliott, books, sleater-kinney, and ugly casanova, and give me time to listen to them all? thanks, that would be great.
posted by peter . 5:17 PM

from the Prosaics mailing list:

seasons greetings! we are proud to announce two excellent
upcoming shows:
*thursday, 12 december at the met cafe, providence, ri
the rapture
dj dan selzer (from the transmission party, plant bar nyc)
*thursday, 19 december at the bowery ballroom, new york city (sold out)
the caulfield sisters
in other news:
*we will be heading into the studio in january to
record an ep single.

see peter
see peter move to New York
see peter go insane-er

posted by peter . 12:00 AM

tuesday, december 3
from, of course, Sam
posted by peter . 10:52 PM

monday, december 2
funniest thing ever is sitting in the library, at a table with a bunch of AP Physics students [geeks], discussing the terrible, terrible innuendo-filled remarks from the latest Bond movie. so hilarious. i haven't seen the movie, but i kind of want to now

we <3 Sonic Youth
of course, like everyone else, they say "the Liars opened" instead of "Liars opened"

posted by peter . 4:45 PM

sunday, december 1


posted by peter . 1:23 AM

soviet panda is back from extended hiatus in MINNEAPOLIS/ST.PAUL AND FARGO. don't ask, mkay?
U of Minnesota seems ok

saw J5 on Letterman; you can tell it's whack when ONLY NU-MARK NEEDS TO COME OUT FOR THE SONG. where is Cut Chemist and that 2 turntablist jive we dig? hm?
the Strokes on Letterman as well. just decent. Julian was unbelievably easy-going. not wild about "Someday" anyway. buy me the Strokes DVD for the holidays, if you live near one of those few stores. I realize that that band is very important to me

like the loser I am, I bought another copy of White Blood Cells just to get the DVD. what can i say, i like the videos, and it was 10 bucks. maybe i'll be 'generous' and give it to someone for the 'holidays'

also went hip-hop and bought El-P's Fantastic Damage ($7.99 booya) and some dope sneakers [they're all black in the back, contrary to what this pic contrives]

Nick at Catchdubs would be proud
just waitin' on that trucker hat...

also had a breakthrough with Sonic Youth's Daydream Nation. good album
and I am still so in love with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Liars. I danced in the car by myself with my headphones
i missed my camera
tomorrow's a work day... piece out

posted by peter . 12:55 AM

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