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soviet panda

this ain't no party; this ain't no disco

saturday, september 14
oh yeah, I put the info section up last nite. way to be productive peter!
posted by peter . 10:20 AM

In bed by 1. Up by 10. I rock. at maintaining a decent sleep schedule.

I had a bunch of weird dreams last night. In one of them, we were at this weird store with our family friends from Seattle. I was looking at guitar straps, and then they had to say goodbye to go home, so we did, but I just wanted to look at the straps. Because next to the guitar straps on this rotating rack thing were things that looked like guitar straps... but were really skinny neck ties! I was overjoyed to have found so many cool skinny neck ties at $10 a piece. I wished very badly that I wasn't in a dream and that I could keep the ties. Then I woke up.

But before I woke up, I dreamt that our wireless network server was actually battery powered and was lying on the floor, and I futzed with it and took the battery pack off, restarting the whole network. This was bad cause to restart the network takes a lot of work and my dad would be angry. Then I woke up.

Last night I also caught Superdrag on Conan. Rock. The bassist sang all the "yeahhhhhs" with the lead singer, and it was very much out of tune. Other than that it was really well done, even the long vocal break in the middle. Rawk.

I also managed to catch Morrisey on Craig Kilborn [shudder]. I know the Smiths are supposed to be really good... but this guy not only looked like a cheesy lounge singer.. he sounded like one. Like a male version of Enya, I swear to you.

Still debating the Mooney Suzuki show. Who wants to go with me? Tickets go on sale today.
Beck and the Flaming Lips go on sale today. It's $37.50 and at the Chicago Theatre, which I assume is sit down, so by the time I get people to go all the good seats [if not all the seats] will be sold out. Meh.

posted by peter . 10:20 AM

friday, september 13
::Gar forgets his insulin::
posted by peter . 9:27 PM

There goes the fear again...
posted by peter . 9:27 PM

In 16 colors, even the Mooney Suzuki look ethereal.
Whatever that means.

No one told me to actually listen to Doves. They are extensively good. They fit with my mood tonite. I should have bought the CD when it was 5.99. But alas, that time has passed.

I am bored out of my mind and feeling sorry for myself for staying in on a Friday night. I got invited to the movies, but I'd rather sit at home creating and sleeping than sitting in a movie theater, paying money for a movie I don't really want to see.

What I really want to do is go driving. You know, fuck shit up. With the Liars blasting. Perfecto.

posted by peter . 9:22 PM

I gotta remember. I have to convince someone to go on a Dr Wax run this weekend. That's an Evanston record store for all you non-North Shorians. I NEED the Liars and Walkmen off of my computer and into my actual CD player. Not burned versions.

I also need to write college essays, write my newspaper article, hold HeeBGBs practice, do homework, go out Saturday night, and go to services [ugh].

posted by peter . 8:13 PM

Never, ever, EVER ask anyone to homecoming on Friday the 13th. EVER.

sorry for all you non-high school types, that's kind of irrelevant

but seriously, do it the day before. Thursday the 12th.

::starts to puke, tries to puke, ends up rolling on the ground laughing, stops, stands up, dusts self off, thinks to self 'what the hell?'::

posted by peter . 5:27 PM

thursday, september 12
I listened to Trail of Dead all the way through. In my opinion, it is absolutely fantastic. Peaks upon peaks upon peaks until the actual peak song, "Relative Ways," the ultimate...

I have been happy for the past few days. I remembered today that I am generally a sad person.
[That's just how it feels sometimes. It's not true.]

I still think it's so cool how Ash is making a movie. It's even cooler how it has Chris Martin [right?], the Vines, Moby, Dave Grohl, etc. etc...

posted by peter . 10:19 PM

Liars interveiw thanks to Laura. You rock too lady!
A little elementary on the interviewer's side... and Angus comes off as really normal. Very strange.
"It's not about "We're the ones making the music". We're more about "We're making it now, but you should be making it tomorrow."" -Angus
A Liars EP coming out soon? and i dont even have the freaking actual CD yet!
And I don't know what everyone is talking about; I absolutely can't see his moustache in any picture.

Buy me this. I know it's cliche.

I still want to see the Mooney Suzuki and Sahara Hotnights. Never heard any SH songs, but it doesn't matter. They're like the Hives, right?

If you are reading this, sign my guestbook. The talk section up there. Thanks.

I will be writing an article about New York bands for the school paper. !!!!! that fucking rocks

posted by peter . 4:54 PM

wednesday, september 11
Mooney Suzuki with Sahara Hotnights... 2 days before the Strokes... interesting. It's a Wednesday. I want to go. Concert week of death? Maaaybe Peter, maaaaybe.

My prediction for the Pitchfork QotSA review was rather close. The songs are a bit same-y towards the end... it still rocks.

I still can't articulate everything I feel about September eleventh, and it hurts my brain to think about it anymore.

it's all in the details

I changed up "Fear of Disco" a little for the HeeBGBs. I think it slightly improves our chances of making STUNTs.

I found an Ugly Casanova song, "Things I Don't Remember," on my computer. good stuff

Today is way too busy; I am very tired.

posted by peter . 4:56 PM

tuesday, september 10

What 60's Crowd Are You "In" With?

the beach boys have invaded my brain. help

"Obstacle #1" single from Interpol... UK import... radio sessions included... must find and purchase

posted by peter . 11:18 PM

must... turntable..

resentfullemon (9:16:48 PM): omg I have had
Little Room by white stripes in my head
ALLLL day. I don't even know why. its
driving me CRAZY
resentfullemon (9:16:49 PM): I can't get it out
mooch 1 1 (9:17:45 PM): that's awful. like awful. how does that even get in your head?
mooch 1 1 (9:17:59 PM): i have like 3 different beach boys songs in my head. my friend warned me
resentfullemon (9:18:06 PM): i have no idea. I keep singing it.
mooch 1 1 (9:18:14 PM): he said they'd take over
resentfullemon (9:18:27 PM): ha ha ha ha one time i had the most retarded 3 songs on loop in my head at swim practice
resentfullemon (9:18:29 PM): it was so funny
mooch 1 1 (9:18:35 PM): what songs?
resentfullemon (9:19:34 PM): it was "Break Stuff" by Limp Bizkit "Help me Rhonda" by the Beach Boys and that one song from Hello Dolly where all the people are on the phone, and its like, "Hey suzy?! Did you hear about Bobby and Annie?"
resentfullemon (9:19:40 PM): oh my god it was the most horrible thing ever
mooch 1 1 (9:19:48 PM): rofl

posted by peter . 9:27 PM

so tired

looky what i got ma
bless em

posted by peter . 5:39 PM

monday, september 9
I listened to most of "Songs for the Deaf." I realize now that it is very much a pop album.

I am in the mood to listen to albums. Whole albums. I played "Like Spinning Plates" on piano, so I could go for an "Amnesiac" listen. and a white blood cells listen. and source tags and codes. and i might be wrong. and brmc. and thirteen tales from urban bohemia. and urban hymns. and turn on the bright lights. and a lot more. but i do not have 8 hours to only listen to cds.
oh summer, how i miss thee

i miss other things too.

Jack White scares me sometime. his intensity, all he holds inside, his anger towards techonology and 'this world we live in,' and having Elephant be the last White Stripes album. While I know that is probably the thing of highest integrity to do - make his statement with the Stripes on this last album and move on to grow as an artist - it does not mean I want him to do it.

posted by peter . 11:03 PM

I had this insane craving for Daft Punk before. "Homework" is genius, dude.

I now have this insane craving for "Slanted and Enchanted." But alas, I must await for the rerelease in October or whenever, cause it's 2 cds for the price of one with an insane amout of bonus material... but for some reason "Summer Babe" perfectly encompasses my mood right now, just the sound of it.. the beginning.. I don't know why.

posted by peter . 7:45 PM

"I know you want us to play more, but that's all the time we have so you can turn off now." - Howlin' Pelle

The performance really doesn't work... the Hives put on a show that is meant to be seen from the front, obviously. Not from 40 different camera angles... i.e. I don't want to see the the second guitarist close up while Pelle is out in the audience, or the bassist during the drum break.

posted by peter . 4:41 PM

tired hot headache long day

It's funny how the New York Times doesn't really know what they're talking about. Queens of the Stone Age are like one-liners? Um, what the fuck?

And if Thrill Jockey is based in Chicago, why do they hold their birthday bash in New York?

Coldplay have to apologize for playing new materail? Maybe there's a reason... Anyways Zack, I still think "Parachutes" era Coldplay is better than Travis. Even if I'm just being stubborn.

Primitive and howling? REM to cash in on the garage rock revival?


Today was a weird day. I realized that I have probably felt weird and different this summer and school year because, simply, I am going crazy. No specific reason, I'm just losing my sanity. I talked so much today and yelled at everyone in gym class to do well and said hi to everyone in the hallway and such.

Gym class was interesting. If I don't think about it, it's much easier to get through, since I have NO friends, even acquaintances, in it.

But I saw two butterflies mating. I think.

They were ugly. They were just flying around near each other. And they were gross neon yellow. But hey, I'm all for having sex in mid-air.

And some random girl started talking to me about how hot it was and about other stuff, which was cool. The little things make a difference.

So far, all we have done in foreign policy is listen to the teacher talk. But she's easy to listen to, so...

And in Film we're watching Casablanca. It rocks. Everyone had class and style and integrity in the old movies. That is what is cool my friends.

posted by peter . 4:28 PM

sunday, september 8
hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper hives + vines hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper
posted by peter . 11:09 PM

in the changer:

The Dandy Warhols - "Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia"
I have yet to listen to it today. Or for a while, for that matter. One of my favorites. Don't care if their evergoing quest to sell out has taken them to Ireland. and Duran Duran

Queens of the Stone Age - "Songs for the Deaf"
rawk. show those sXe kids who's boss

listened to whole thing today. once again, they are so so so good. i've said it before i'll say it again yo. why my guitar is black.

Interpol - "Turn On the Bright Lights"
I think half of my posts so far are about Interpol. bless them

The White Stripes - "The White Stripes"
I've listened to this more than any other WS album, I think. Or at least certain songs on it. It reminds me most of seeing them live; that's why. "White Blood Cells" is better.

posted by peter . 10:50 PM

for zack-
why listen to the Replacements
posted by peter . 8:21 PM


posted by peter . 5:48 PM

It occured to me last night, while listening to "Say Hello to the Angels" before falling asleep, that I could be hearing that song live if I had driven down to U of I to see Interpol play. sigh.

I am very frustrated/depressed/angry/uptight about something, and I don't know what it is.

I also fear the point where I get fed up with new music and listening to and playing music and wanting to move to NY and all this new good stuff that is happening, and when I start secondguessing myself, like now.

posted by peter . 5:44 PM


posted by peter . 3:26 PM

to-do for to-morrow:
Chem HW
english HW
beyond Ravinia apps
burn summer 2002 mix
and white stripes show
posted by peter . 1:10 AM

I went to dinner at the Silo. Don't go there, and don't get the cheeseless cajun chicken pizza.

I had "Cities" by the Talking Heads stuck in my head, at two different times today, like no other. I was this close at dinner to getting up and slamming my head through the glass windows in all the walls. Luckily, Zack brought the CD when I picked him up.

I went with Zack to Borders. They had a sale, but I have all this Best Buy money.. sigh..
I did find, and purchase, the Mojo Magazine I saw in Canada. With the huuuuge White Stripes section.

US $8.25 Printed in the UK

We were to meet up with Steph. As Zack and I walked into Borders, I said, "You know, I left my cell phone in the car, and I bet Steph thought I meant Barnes and Noble." [we always go there] I was very right.

Zack and I are starting to finish up our song, hopefully for STUNTs, "Fear of Disco." I'm debating if there will be words or not...

posted by peter . 12:28 AM

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