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heavy rotation
The Walkmen - Everyone who pretended to like me is gone
The Strokes - Is This It
Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf
Liars - They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs - The Yeah Yeah Yeahs EP
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soviet panda

this ain't no party; this ain't no disco

saturday, september 7
please list any extracurricular activities:
eating m&ms
getting sugar high
running downstairs
playing "Get Free" on drums
posted by peter . 5:00 PM

do you dare me to get every single person i know to hate me in one day?

someone already did a review comparing Interpol to the Strokes. Too bad he is very, very wrong.

posted by peter . 4:23 PM

Driving out of the school parking lot is more fun than it should be. Especially riding with Julie and her brother and leaving my head out the window to yell, "Good luck at temple tonight!" to everyone, e.g. Zack and Ronni, Greg, and Hillary.

I have extreme distaste for High Holy Day Services. However, I found that if I do not pay any attention whatsoever, they go by faster. And wearing a suit made me feel a little like Interpol. Who is gaining quite a following, I might add.

posted by peter . 12:36 AM

thursday, september 5
so I think NYC is a valid dream now. after talking with college counselors and Mr Rigler, my English teacher, not only BU but NYU is a valid option for college for me. so awesome. Math came easy to Rigler, kind of like me, but it wasn't his career choice, which makes me feel good. since I want to write or something.

football. first marching band game of the season. I realized I really don't like football.
this disliking went beyond my wildest dreams when the Drill Team, the crappy version of the PomPom dancers, danced. To Radiohead. To "Idioteque." I was clawing at my face. A song about people dancing when they should be thinking about more important things. "ice age comin ice age comin." the ice age is definitely coming.

[applause] - Mr Brame

I listened to all of the Interpol album. Very good. I think I will write about it for my first newspaper article, if I can.

posted by peter . 10:14 PM

wednesday, september 4
fuck high school. i am moving to New York City.

This blog casually speaks of how in one single day, there were two mega concerts held in freaking parking lots in NYC. One had Les Savy Fav, !!!, and the French Kicks. The other had Liars and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

in one day at the same time. parking lots.

and Gideon Yago was there. i wonder what he gets paid for. he is actually cool, even if he's on mtv. i should try and get a job like him

posted by peter . 1:23 PM

tuesday, september 3
school starts tomorrow. i have anxiety.

music: The Walkmen - "We've Been Had"

posted by peter . 11:07 PM

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